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What is respondeat superior?

After you or a loved one has been in a truck accident in Atlanta, you could end up facing inordinate expenses, The massive size of semi-truck means that if and when one hits your car, the likelihood of you and any passengers suffering serious injuries or your vehicle...

Medical treatment for a dislocated elbow

A dislocated elbow is a painful injury that can make it difficult to use your arm for an extended period of time. This injury can be the result of many accidents, such as a slip and fall, fall from height or a car crash. If you suspect a dislocated elbow, it's...

Treatment options for a broken neck

A broken neck is a serious injury that will cause quite a bit of pain and discomfort, while also hindering your ability to live your life. If you suspect a broken neck, such as after a serious motor vehicle or workplace accident, it's imperative to receive immediate...

Common types of lawnmower injuries

With summer in full swing, you won't have to look far to find someone cutting their grass. If you operate a lawnmower for a living, maybe because you work for a landscaping company, you're well aware of the many safety risks. Unfortunately, a lawnmower can cause a...

What’s the best way to treat a hernia?

Assuming that a hernia will get better on its own is a big mistake that can result in additional pain, discomfort and bodily harm. If you suspect that you have suffered this injury, it's critical to discuss treatment options with your medical team. Surgery is...

How should you treat a dislocated shoulder?

If you suffer a dislocated shoulder, such as from lifting a heavy object at work, don't delay in receiving a professional diagnosis. This will help you better understand your injury, prognosis and the best type of treatment. The way you treat a dislocated shoulder is...