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Driver may have caused serious injuries near Atlanta

Although any driver would say that accidents are rare and happen only once in a few years, they happen every day somewhere in Georgia. There are few days in which there isn't at least one motor vehicle fatality somewhere in the Peach State.

Most accidents are minor and do not involve injuries. Even when they do, these incidents are generally not criminal acts over which police or the attorney general in Atlanta file charges. But liability for the damage or injury caused by accidents may not be the same as criminal charges.

Red-light traffic deaths reach a 10-year high

Traffic signals are in place to help control the flow of traffic and keep everyone on the roadway safe. In actuality, traffic deaths in signaled intersections are rising dramatically across the nation. NBC News reports that the number of people dying in car crashes involving red-light runners is at its highest point in 10 years, signaling a need for increased education about the dangers of navigating intersections with traffic lights.

Current estimates suggest that two people lose their lives each day on America’s roadways because other drivers fail to stop for red lights. In total, 939 people passed away in red-light-related car crashes in 2017, which is a 28% uptick over the number of lives lost due to the same circumstances in 2012.

Workers' compensation in Georgia sees changes this year

Workers' compensation is one of the few guarantees when everything is thrown out of balance by an injury on the job. Georgia's government requires employers to carry insurance that lets them pay for medical expenses and other needs during recovery after a workplace accident or illness.

The Peach State sees up to 40,000 workers' compensation claims every year, ranging from slip-and-fall injuries on a business' premises to serious trauma during or after industrial accidents. The nature of workplace injuries requires certain changes to be made in Georgia's laws that allow further protections of employees.

How do I deal with doctors' mistakes in Georgia?

Something doesn't feel quite right around the site of a surgery, well after the wound should have healed. You wake up in a hospital bed and look down at your right side expected stitches, only to find they are on the left side. These are some of the situations that victims of medical malpractice can find themselves in during their most vulnerable moments.

  • How do I begin to address suspected medical malpractice?

The first thing that patients should do is make sure their condition is stabilized. Seek medical assistance, either on your own or through a family member or advocate. If you suspect that personnel were involved in the problem you are going through, you may want to find a new medical opinion on your condition.

  • What counts as medical malpractice versus a simple medical problem?

Premises liability cases may target the wrong defendant

What is premises liability? The idea is simple at its heart. When a person or organization opens a business or other physical space to the public, they also have a responsibility to keep visitors safe within reason. This means that obstructions to clear passage, like debris or construction material, must be removed before people use those areas.

Cases of premises liability, which are somewhat common in Georgia, often involve slip-and-fall injuries. This often happens when an otherwise suitable surface is covered in liquid, gel or other slippery substance that causes a victim to lose footing and fall down. Although this may not sound serious, slip-and-fall injuries can be severe, perhaps even causing permanent disability.

Why your brain tells you there is no motorcycle approaching

You may have seen bumper stickers warning you to watch out for motorcycles. As a careful driver, you may wonder why this reminder is necessary.

It is not just because people miss seeing motorcycles. According to scientific research, drivers may see motorcycles. The problem is that the brain does not register what it sees.

Georgia wrongful death verdict is unprecedentedly large

One of the only sure things in life is that it will come to an end. People work hard to make the right choices in life, and that generally includes making the preparation for family when we feel the time may come. But negligence and other reasons can lead others to end lives before their times.

Nothing can replace a life in the eyes of loved ones and others who count on people and include them in their lives. One of the only comforts that can be provided in Georgia and other states is financial damages in a wrongful death lawsuit resolved in civil court, either through settlement or an order by a jury or judge.

Freak wheel accident kills driver near Byron

Collisions of motor vehicles on the roads of Georgia often seem all too common. It is rare that new reports do not include news of accidents involving cars and trucks, and several residents of the Peach State are killed by these incidents every month.

The steel frames of vehicles are not the only things that can collide on the road to cause damage and injury. The importance of stowing cargo properly is observed by professional truck drivers as well as responsible drivers of all vehicles. If it is not, the consequences can cost lives.

More film work in Georgia brings workplace injury potential

Injuries and illnesses are always possible in the workplace, whether they are repetitive stress trauma in an office or a severe burn in a factory. Some professions in Georgia are more likely to see workplace injuries, and are more likely to claim workers' compensation.

A new industry's boom in the Peach State is also bringing new types of workers' compensation claims. The expansion of show business in Atlanta and other cities has created many jobs for Georgians. But some of the activities involved in making movies and television shows can potentially harm those workers.

Medical malpractice requires a smart response

Doctors save lives every day, and patients often owe their lives to the physicians and support staff who treat them in a time of need. This can make it especially shocking and disappointing when something goes wrong while a person is being treated by medical professionals.

It may be difficult to know how to react to a possible case of medical malpractice. Victims may be confused and upset as well as still dealing with health issues and perhaps the consequences of a doctor's mistake.

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