A Sample Of Our Settlements And Verdicts

$200,000.00 Settlement
Rear-ended by reckless driver
Middle and Lower Back Disc Herniations
Insurance companies paid limits

$150,000.00 Settlement
Other driver ran a red light
Knee surgery

$265,000.00 Settlement
Passenger on Cobb County Transit Bus which stopped suddenly throwing client off her seat. Neck, shoulder and arm injuries.

$250,000.00 Settlement
Rear-ended and pushed into truck
Rotator Cuff Surgery

$305,000.00 Settlement
Driving for ride share company
Fractured pelvis, hip and legs
Insurance limits paid

$125,000.00 Settlement
Fractured Kneecap and ribs
Insurance Limits paid

$150,000.00 Settlement
Rear-ended, back, neck and arm injuries
Insurance Limits paid

$275,000.00 Settlement
Other driver ran red light
Knee arthroscopy

$500.000.00 Settlement
Slip and Fall, Groin injury

$1,000,000.00 Settlement
Head on collision
Knee fractures and concussion

Settlement $350,000.00
Pregnant client in a three car wreck

Settlement $300,000.00
Knee injury from failure to yield wreck

Settlement $100,000.00
Failure to yield; insurance limits

Settlement $150,000.00
Motorcycle wreck, more than insurance limits

Settlement $100,000.00
stop sign rollover; insurance limits

Settlement $90,000.00
Wreck with driver running a red light

Settlement $600,000.00
Pedestrian hit by car

Settlement $185,000.00
Negligence in a nursing home caused fall

Settlement $218,404.25
Wreck on I-285

Settlement $350,000.00
Homeowners claim, worker fell off roof

Settlement $100,000.00
Failure to yield; Insurance limits

Settlement $111,700.00
Student suffered chemical injury in class

Settlement $250,000.00
Wreck with tractor trailer truck

Settlement $125,000.00
Rear end wreck on I-75/85

Settlement $120,000.00
Other car failed to yield exiting parking lot

Settlement $250,000.00
Pedestrian hit by truck at truck stop

Settlement $200,000.00
15 yr. old killed on bicycle; insurance limits

Verdict $4,872,000.00
Shooting death of tow truck driver

Settlement $360,000.00
Automobile collision resulting in rib and clavicle fractures, concussion, rotator cuff tear

Settlement $675,000.00
Neck injury from wreck with tractor trailer truck

Verdict $239,239.80
Fall on Marta Bus. Shoulder surgery

Settlement $100,000.00
Highway wreck, injured small finger and aggravation of prior back pain

Settlement $325,000.00
Neck injury from wreck with tractor trailer truck

Settlement $200,000.00
Rearended by truck. Aggravation of previous back injury

Settlement $550,000.00
Child killed by car while attempting cross the street (insurance policy limits).

My name is Brenda and I only have great things to say about The Goldman Firm. Steve treated me with the respect I deserve and took time to answer all of my question regarding my case…
-B. Howard (Atlanta, GA)

I had an accident in Atlanta, and had to obtain an attorney there, since I am a resident of Nevada. I searched the internet and chose Mr. Goldman’s firm to represent me., and I am so glad that I did…
-J. Exber (Las Vegas, NV)

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I was completely lost until I found Steve Goldman and Associates. I could not find another lawyer to take my case and when I was on the verge of giving up, one man and his amazing team took on my case…
-C. Underdue

My Attorney, Steve Goldman, was fast, effective, professional and courteous. Not only was my case settled quickly, but I received a larger amount than I had agreed to! Thank you so much!
-C. Howell – Atlanta, Ga.