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November 2018 Archives

Do you have an attractive nuisance on your property?

Do you assume that anyone who comes onto your property without permission and gets injured won't have a case against you since they were trespassing? That's not always how it works, especially with children. If you have an attractive nuisance, you could still be liable.

Is your teen a safe driver? Tips for talking about this

When it's finally time for your teen to hit the road without parental supervision, you must be confident in their ability to handle any situation that comes their way. That's why it's so important to talk about safe driving in the appropriate manner (and as often as possible).

Will the 'Textalyzer' bring a swift end to texting and driving?

Police forces throughout the United States have been using the "Breathalyzer" device to identify, arrest and convict drunk drivers for decades. This has served to dramatically decrease deaths and injuries caused by drunk drivers, but now there's a new threat on the block: texting-while-driving. Whether this behavior involves commenting on Facebook or posting on Instagram through a smartphone or tablet while driving a vehicle, many believe that it's more dangerous than drunk driving because of the way texting-while-driving requires motorists to take their eyes off the road.

Tracking surgical sponges is vital to patient health

Sometimes a patient will go to an Atlanta medical facility for a routine surgery and everything appears to go well. However, after several days of recovery, the patient notices that his or her pain is getting worse instead of better. This pain might even include fever. It could be a sign of a surgical souvenir — i.e., an object left in the patient's body during surgery.

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