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August 2018 Archives

How do I prove a whiplash claim after a car accident?

We've all seen the archetypical photo of a whiplash victim with a neck brace sitting in the courtroom. However, whiplash injuries can have severe and painful effects on victims, and the medical care needed for whiplash can be costly -- too costly for some people to be able to afford. Therefore, if a negligent or unlawful motorist causes an accident that results in someone suffering a whiplash, the at-fault motorist should pay for these costs and damages under Georgia law.

Federal drug regulator notifies public of risky thyroid drugs

Many American consumers trust and rely on pharmaceutical drug makers to design and produce medicines that keep us healthy, active and pain-free. But what happens when these drug makers fail to produce medications that are safe for human consumption? Throughout recent personal injury law history, there have been numerous lawsuits related to catastrophic injuries and death that have resulted from the ingestion of dangerous medications.

Instead of driverless cars, why can’t drivers just be safer?

As the technology behind autonomous vehicles continues to improve, the world will benefit from numerous safety advantages associated with non-human drivers. It's important to consider these safety advantages, not only from the perspective of supporting the ‘driverless car revolution,' but also from the perspective of how humans – by refraining from certain dangerous behaviors – can dramatically increase the safety of driving for everyone, right now, without the need for technological advancement.

Georgia salvage yard accident results in 1 worker fatality

A salvage yard worker suffered fatal injuries when a truck fell on him in Clayton County. The 31-year-old worker was reportedly removing an automotive part from beneath a pickup truck when the weight of the truck shifted and the entire vehicle fell and crushed him. Tragically, there was nothing that could be done to save the victim. Emergency responders found the man dead at the accident scene.

Unlawful driving games: Beware of the brake-checker

Sometimes we are in the middle of a difficult traffic situation, and we're forced to follow closely behind another motorist. If you're a responsible driver, these circumstances are rarely by choice. If you're an aggressive driver, on the other hand, you might have been impatiently trying to "push" the motorist ahead of you to drive faster by tailgating. However you get into this up-close-and-personal situation, you should try to get out of it as quickly as possible because you're vulnerable to getting into a "brake-checker accident."

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