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August 2019 Archives

More film work in Georgia brings workplace injury potential

Injuries and illnesses are always possible in the workplace, whether they are repetitive stress trauma in an office or a severe burn in a factory. Some professions in Georgia are more likely to see workplace injuries, and are more likely to claim workers' compensation.

Medical malpractice requires a smart response

Doctors save lives every day, and patients often owe their lives to the physicians and support staff who treat them in a time of need. This can make it especially shocking and disappointing when something goes wrong while a person is being treated by medical professionals.

Premises liability cases now go to Georgia juries more often

It is not common that customers of a business face the danger of injury there. But when it happens, there is a body of law to offer comfort and help to the victims of accidents on someone else's property. This is referred to as premises liability law.

Wrongful death lawsuit may continue against Georgia sheriff

From car accidents to industrial accidents, there are several ways to be injured or killed in Georgia. It is rare that someone else causes the death of another person, either through malicious actions or reckless behavior, but the civil court system stands ready to hear these claims from the survivors of victims of wrongful death.

Wrongful death lawsuit verdict challenged by defendant

Although people may pass away at any time for reasons that may not be preventable, people and organizations can sometimes be liable for a loss of life. This is why Georgia and other states allow civil lawsuits for wrongful death. Nothing can bring a life back, but liability may be found and financial damages may be available for the survivors of victims.

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