Premises liability cases now go to Georgia juries more often

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2019 | Premises Liability |

It is not common that customers of a business face the danger of injury there. But when it happens, there is a body of law to offer comfort and help to the victims of accidents on someone else’s property. This is referred to as premises liability law.

The bulk of cases in which these laws apply are slip-and-fall incidents, which are usually caused by an obstruction or slippery surface. Hard falls in grocery stores, hardware stores and other businesses can cause serious injuries with effects that can last for years.

A case ruled on by the Georgia Supreme Court made it harder for businesses to seek a summary judgment from a court on these cases. The case insisted that trial courts leave the question of negligence, which helps define the responsible parties after injuries, to juries and not judges. As a result, more cases are clear to go to court, resulting in either a jury verdict or settlement conferring financial damages to a plaintiff.

The main rule on premises liability is whether or not an owner or manager of a space open to the public took ordinary care in maintaining the walkways and common spaces clear of obstructions. This is usually accomplished by reviews of public spaces from time to time, often enough to find and clear these obstructions.

Victims of a possible injury in a business or public space may have a case for premises liability. These people have the right to an attorney as well as a jury’s opinion on whether that liability existed. An attorney can help people work out their approach to the issue in civil court.