Tracking surgical sponges is vital to patient health

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2018 | Medical Malpractice |

Sometimes a patient will go to an Atlanta medical facility for a routine surgery and everything appears to go well. However, after several days of recovery, the patient notices that his or her pain is getting worse instead of better. This pain might even include fever. It could be a sign of a surgical souvenir — i.e., an object left in the patient’s body during surgery.

The most common object that surgeons leave in patients are surgical sponges. With so many things happening during the surgery process, surgical sponges are easy to lose track of, but it only takes a single sponge to cause a very serious problem.

New technologies exist to track sponges and other surgical implements during the surgical process. This technology involves bar-coding sponges and other items and incorporating a barcode scanner into the surgery process to track everything that has been used. However, some surgeons and medical facilities complain that these tracking devices take too much time and are too inconvenient to be practical. This is certainly debatable considering the devastating scenarios that the technology is capable of preventing.

If you went home after a surgery to discover that you had a surgical souvenir, and if you required additional surgeries and endured great pain as a result of this problem, you may want to investigate how to pursue a financial claim for damages against the negligent physicians and medical providers who left the items in your body. In most cases, you will probably have a viable claim to receive compensation related to medical negligence and other financial damages triggered by surgical errors.