3 severe injuries that truck accidents can cause

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Crashes with semis are often the deadliest. The sheer size of big rigs makes escaping a collision with minor injuries near impossible.

Those who survive these devastating crashes are often on a long road to recovery. Some of the most common injuries sustained in a collision with a truck are catastrophic. This category of injury is the most severe and reserved for damage that significantly alters a person’s way of life. Take a look at three such injuries.

1. Traumatic brain injury

The most common traumatic injury involves the head. Even with airbag deployment, the force exerted on the body may cause the skull to impact any number of items in the vehicle. A traumatic brain injury may occur without the head hitting anything. The brain’s movement in the skull may prove severe enough to cause damage. This injury often results in permanent brain damage affecting a person’s ability to process, speak and move.

2. Spinal damage

The spinal cord acts as the conduit through which nerve impulses travel to and from the brain. When it suffers damage, the pathway ceases to function. A spinal cord injury may cause permanent paralysis to any number of bodily functions and necessitate life-long care.

3. Burns

A vehicle collision with a semi may result in a fire. Burn injuries, as a result, may range from minor to third-degree. When the skin becomes damaged by a burn, the process to heal is lengthy and painful. Several surgeries and constant care become necessary for a person’s survival.

Truck accidents often prove fatal for occupants of all vehicles involved. While survival is not impossible, it may prove difficult.