Freak wheel accident kills driver near Byron

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Collisions of motor vehicles on the roads of Georgia often seem all too common. It is rare that new reports do not include news of accidents involving cars and trucks, and several residents of the Peach State are killed by these incidents every month.

The steel frames of vehicles are not the only things that can collide on the road to cause damage and injury. The importance of stowing cargo properly is observed by professional truck drivers as well as responsible drivers of all vehicles. If it is not, the consequences can cost lives.

A 31-year-old truck driver from Florida is facing charges after an accident on Interstate 75 just north of Byron. Two wheels came off an axle at high speed, and one flew over a highway divider into the other direction of traffic.

The wheel struck a southbound vehicle, which then crashed into another truck and struck the median. The car’s 36-year-old driver was killed immediately, while her child and her parents suffered injuries.

Authorities in Peach County have charged the driver of the truck which lost its wheels with second-degree vehicular manslaughter as well as safety violations related to his truck and its tires. The crash is still under investigation.

Criminal charges against a driver after a fatal accident is not a requirement to begin a lawsuit for financial damages against a vehicle’s operator or owner. Although money can never replace the value of a life, the process can help survivors recover and lead as normal a life as possible. An attorney can help advise victims and survivors on how to engage the civil court system.