Workplace dehydration can hit you fast

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When working, you don’t always pay attention to your health and well-being. Unfortunately, this can lead to a situation in which you wait too long to address a serious health concern, such as dehydration.

Workplace dehydration can hit you fast, especially if you’re working in the heat. If you have any reason to suspect dehydration, such as a dry mouth and dizziness, it’s imperative to move to a cool place and then rehydrate as quickly as possible.

Since it’s better to be safe than sorry, you should also receive treatment at a local hospital. Your medical team can run a variety of tests, such as a urinalysis, to better understand your situation.

What’s the best treatment?

The most effective treatment for dehydration is to replace lost fluids. While you can do this by drinking water, severe dehydration often calls for an IV.

In the most serious of situations, dehydration can result in organ damage among a variety of other serious medical problems. This is why it’s critical to be examined by a medical professional, as opposed to simply treating the issue on your own.

After a bout of dehydration, your doctor may suggest that you get plenty of rest as you recover.

If you’re unable to immediately return to work, discuss the situation with your employer and file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. You may be entitled to receive compensation until you’re able to return to your job. Remember, going against a doctor’s orders has the potential to lead to a second battle with dehydration, which could cause even more medical issues.