Steps to take if you break down on the highway

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Like many drivers, you may spend a good amount of time on the highway. While this is often the most convenient way to reach your destination, you may have concerns regarding your safety.

If you break down on the highway or begin to experience trouble with your vehicle, there are several key steps you should immediately take:

  • Move into the slow lane: As you move toward the slow lane, put on your hazard lights to alarm others that something is wrong.
  • Steer to the shoulder of the road: Since you don’t want your vehicle to stop in traffic, you should get to the shoulder of the road as quickly as possible.
  • Don’t get out right away: Your initial thought is to get out of your vehicle to assess the situation. If you do this without considering your safety, you’re putting yourself at risk of an accident with a passing vehicle.
  • Stand behind a guardrail: If possible, stand behind a guardrail once you leave your vehicle. This keeps you protected in the event that a passing vehicle drives off the road for any reason.
  • Setup flares or reflective triangles: If you have these in your vehicle, set them up to give others notice that you’re pulled over.
  • Call for help: In addition to roadside assistance, you can call 911 if you have concerns about your safety.

If your problem is related to an accident with another vehicle, you’ll definitely want to call 911 to explain the situation and request medical assistance.

When possible, you should also contact your insurance company, review the police report and consider any options for holding the negligent driver responsible for causing the accident and your injuries.