How to heal a broken arm after a bicycle versus car accident

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Imagine you’re riding your bicycle along the side of the road while obeying all traffic laws. It’s the early evening hours and you’ve turned on the headlight of your bike and you’re wearing your bicycle helmet. Unfortunately, a motorist distracted by his cellphone doesn’t see you and clips the side of your bike, sending you flying onto the pavement. Because you were wearing a bike helmet, you survived the fall, but not without severely breaking your arm.

A broken arm is a painful injury, but fortunately, it’s not life-threatening. With appropriate medical care, your injuries will stabilize and heal. Now, the most important thing you can do is ensure that your arm heals in the healthiest way possible. Here’s how doctors try to do that:

Setting your bones

When a broken arm is severe, the doctor may need to reset the bones into a healthy alignment. This setting process is called “reduction.” In more severe cases, surgery may be required to set the bones like this, and sometimes, doctors put surgical screws in place to stabilize the bones.


To give the bones of your arm a chance to grow back together and heal, it’s important to immobilize the arm. This is why many people with a broken arm will have a firm cast in place. During the first few days after the injury, however, your doctor may put you in a brace while the swelling goes down.


You might need an anti-inflammatory medication to deal with the pain. Usually, your doctor will recommend an over-the-counter option for this. Make sure to ask your doctor what is appropriate. If you have an open fracture, antibiotics might be prescribed.


Physical rehabilitation could be extremely helpful at a certain point in your healing process.

If you were hurt in a bicycle versus car accident, you might want to discuss the facts of your case with a qualified personal injury attorney who can educate you about your legal rights and options.