Jury awards $130 million after boy suffers brain damage

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2018 | Medical Malpractice |

The family of a young boy has received a $130 million jury award after their son suffered brain damage while receiving treatment at a Detroit hospital. The multimillion-dollar decision was issued last Tuesday.

According to the law firm that represented the family, the botched hospital treatment happened in 2006, when employees of the William Beaumont Hospital failed to call a “code blue” in a timely fashion. This delayed giving the 2-month-old baby chest compressions, which would have been required by standard medical care practices. This caused the boy’s brain to be deprived of oxygen and he contracted cerebral palsy as a result.

The hospital disagreed and chose to take the case to trial because it believed that it had given appropriate medical care to the boy. Since the verdict has been issued, the hospital announced that it will appeal the decision.

It’s common for defendants to attempt to appeal a large personal injury award that does not go in its favor. Unfortunately, this appeals process can delay the receipt of settlement money by the plaintiffs who win the case. In some circumstances, an appeal could even interfere with the size of the award the personal injury plaintiffs receive.

If you have been navigating a personal injury matter in Atlanta and the defendant is now appealing a favorable award, it’s vital that you navigate the appeals process carefully with a strong legal strategy and sound arguments. Although there are no guarantees of success in any legal matter, an experienced medical malpractice attorney can help increase your chances of success.