Can you guess what hidden dangers are lurking in Spam?

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When American foodies and lovers of fine dining wax poetic about the various delicacies and delights that regularly tempt the palates of our countrymen, they don’t usually laud the succulence of Spam. Nevertheless, Spam sandwiches and other recipes that include Spam as a primary ingredient are regularly enjoyed by Americans throughout the country. This is why, a recent health scare regarding Spam is so distressing. According to at least four dissatisfied customers, they found metal fragments in their Spam. Some of them even complained of suffering minor mouth injuries.

In response to the metal fragments being found, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced an immediate and mandatory recall of over 228,000 pounds of Spam. The specific cans affected by the recall are labeled Spam Classic and have “Best By” dates of February 2021.

Fortunately, no serious injuries or deaths have been reported in connection to this recall. It seems that the USDA and Hormel Food Corp. — the manufacturer that has produced millions, if not billions, of pounds of Spam since 1937 — have acted quickly enough to thwart any potential for catastrophe relating to these contaminated cans of Spam.

The small Pacific Island of Guam apparently consumes the most Spam per person of anywhere in the United States. In Guam, cans of Hormel’s Black-Label Luncheon Loaf — another canned meat product — were also recalled. In Hawaii, where Spam is also very popular, grocers had to put the affected Spam cans under lock and key for fear that customers and employees might steal them. Customers are being asked to return their Spam to a local grocer immediately for a replacement.

It’s fortunate that no one was seriously injured by this recent Spam scare, but Spam is not the only potentially dangerous food on the market. If someone you love died after eating a tainted food product of any kind, you might want to investigate your legal rights and options. In some instances, these cases may give rise to a wrongful death action.

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