Masters tour bus flips due to alleged drugged driver

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A tour bus was heading to the Masters, the top golf tournament in the United States, when it was involved in a serious accident. The bus was driving down I-20 East, and it was fairly close to Augusta when it left the roadway and flipped over. While trying to get the vehicle under control, the driver over-corrected and rolled it.

There were 18 passengers on the bus, and several injuries were reported. Though there have been no fatalities, five people are in serious condition at Augusta University Medical Center, and one person is in serious condition at Doctors Hospital. Another individual at Doctors Hospital is in critical condition. Originally, 14 people were taken to these two area medical centers, and the other four passengers walked away from the crash.

It is worth noting that three people came back to Augusta University Medical Center on their own, after initially walking away, to seek treatment.

According to responding police officers, they believe that the driver had been using drugs, not alcohol, and that he was still under the influence while driving. Reports claim he went off of the road a couple of times and then got the bus back under control before the eventual accident.

The man who was driving is 61 years old, and he is now facing DUI charges. He was working for Jet Executive, which is a limousine service. The company had arranged to take out-of-town visitors from their hotel to the Masters.

In an accident like this, it is very important for those who are injured to know all of their legal rights to seek compensation. In some cases, companies and drivers may be held responsible for negligent behavior.

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