Charges issued in daycare van accident

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According to Georgia State Patrol, criminal charges have been handed to both drivers involved in a crash involving a daycare van in Paulding County. As the result of the accident, three adults and 10 children were injured.

The Georgia State Patrol noted that the driver of the daycare van was charged with failure to yield while turning left. Also, the driver of the other vehicle was charged with driving with an expired license.

Paulding County Sheriff’s Sergeant noted the following in regards to the scene of the accident: “It was a very chaotic scene. ‘The kids were all pretty upset. They were crying. It was pretty disturbing. They were looking at their bus driver on the side of the road.”

The accident occurred at approximately 7:15 a.m. at the intersection of Merchants Drive and Nathan Dean Boulevard.

Investigators believe the daycare van driver was attempting to make a left-hand turn when a pickup truck, which was traveling straight, collided with it.

First responders immediately arrived at the scene, transporting eight children to a local hospital in stable condition. Furthermore, two other children were transported to the hospital by their parents.

The three adults involved in the accident were also taken to the hospital for the treatment of serious injuries.

As a parent, you put your child on a daycare or school bus with the idea that he or she will be safe at all times. Unfortunately, any time a vehicle hits the road, there is the chance of an accident. If this happens, the end result can be serious injury to those involved as well as a lawsuit against the negligent party.

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