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What demographics are least likely to use a seat belt?

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the best way to reduce instances of motor vehicle-related deaths and injuries is for drivers and passengers to use seat belts. Nevertheless, millions of Americans make it a regular habit not to buckle up. Furthermore, the CDC claims that some demographics are more likely than others to avoid this vital safety precaution.

How do I prove a whiplash claim after a car accident?

We've all seen the archetypical photo of a whiplash victim with a neck brace sitting in the courtroom. However, whiplash injuries can have severe and painful effects on victims, and the medical care needed for whiplash can be costly -- too costly for some people to be able to afford. Therefore, if a negligent or unlawful motorist causes an accident that results in someone suffering a whiplash, the at-fault motorist should pay for these costs and damages under Georgia law.

Instead of driverless cars, why can’t drivers just be safer?

As the technology behind autonomous vehicles continues to improve, the world will benefit from numerous safety advantages associated with non-human drivers. It's important to consider these safety advantages, not only from the perspective of supporting the ‘driverless car revolution,' but also from the perspective of how humans – by refraining from certain dangerous behaviors – can dramatically increase the safety of driving for everyone, right now, without the need for technological advancement.

Unlawful driving games: Beware of the brake-checker

Sometimes we are in the middle of a difficult traffic situation, and we're forced to follow closely behind another motorist. If you're a responsible driver, these circumstances are rarely by choice. If you're an aggressive driver, on the other hand, you might have been impatiently trying to "push" the motorist ahead of you to drive faster by tailgating. However you get into this up-close-and-personal situation, you should try to get out of it as quickly as possible because you're vulnerable to getting into a "brake-checker accident."

Avoid all distractions while driving: No excuses!

The average weight of a motor vehicle in the United States is 4,000 pounds, so -- as you might imagine -- piloting a heavy object like this through traffic that includes other cars, pedestrians and bicyclists is a weighty responsibility. One false move, a tiny slip-up, and someone could die in an instant.

A motorcycle jacket could save your life

Your motorcycle jacket isn't just for style -- it could also save your life. As cool and chic as you look in your leather, armored Harley Davidson jacket, that could be one the most important pieces of safety equipment you own, second to your motorcycle helmet. If you're not fully convinced of just how vital your motorcycle jacket is, keep reading to explore its many benefits.

Don't take risks on a motorcycle -- especially with a passenger

The smartest motorcyclists know how important it is to follow traffic rules, defensive driving techniques and know motorcycle safety. This is why the smartest motorcyclists tend to live the longest. Their passengers are also less likely to get hurt because a cautious motorcyclist knows they should never take risks with a passenger on board.

Tips for commercial vehicle crash prevention

Commercial trucks do not have a lot of positives going for them from a safety perspective. Truck drivers tend to be sleep-deprived and fatigued putting them at risk of getting into crashes. The trucks themselves are heavy, slow to maneuver and slow to brake and accelerate. The one thing they do have going for them, however, is that state and federal laws regulate trucks to ensure they meet high safety standards.

What driving skills can help avoid springtime crashes?

Don't think for a second that once springtime hits, you're in the clear in terms of dangerous driving conditions. Though it might not be very common, a snowstorm, flurry or blizzard can strike at any moment in the spring -- especially if you're located in the mountainous regions of Georgia. There's also the fact that weather is more unpredictable than ever these days -- we just don't know when severe weather conditions will strike.

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