Protect Your Rights Following A Boating Accident

Boating and operating watercraft is a very popular recreational activity for many Georgians. When boaters act with proper levels of care and consideration, everyone can enjoy themselves. Unfortunately, when people act negligently or take needless risks, other people can sustain serious injuries. Following a boating injury, it is important to work with an attorney who is prepared to fight for your financial recovery.

At The Goldman Firm, we represent injured boaters and other people injured on the water. With more than 25 years of experience representing injured people, attorney Steven Goldman knows how to develop a strong case that will account for all of your damages.

Work With A Lawyer Who Has Extensive Boating Experience

In addition to his vast legal experience, Steven Goldman has a captain’s license, and spends much of his free time sailing and power boating on Lake Lanier. This knowledge he has earned is invaluable, as he has an instinctive understanding of the various issues in these types of cases. He understands the problems that can arise on crowded lakes, and knows the rules that boaters must follow.

Boating accidents can have any number of causes, including:

  • Drinking to excess while operating a boat
  • Operating a boat while distracted
  • Boating at excessive speeds
  • Failing to know or understand the rules of the waterways

We know what to look for and how to “connect the dots” to prove the fault of the other driver. Whether your case is settled out of court or taken to trial, our Atlanta boat and water accident lawyer will work tirelessly to help you recover full compensation for your medical expenses, lost income and other damages.

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My name is Brenda and I only have great things to say about The Goldman Firm. Steve treated me with the respect I deserve and took time to answer all of my question regarding my case…
-B. Howard (Atlanta, GA)

I had an accident in Atlanta, and had to obtain an attorney there, since I am a resident of Nevada. I searched the internet and chose Mr. Goldman’s firm to represent me., and I am so glad that I did…
-J. Exber (Las Vegas, NV)
Steve I. Goldman is our family attorney and he is better than the best. He is very informed of the law and your rights. We will call on him in times of need…
-G. Porter (Atlanta, GA)
I was completely lost until I found Steve Goldman and Associates. I could not find another lawyer to take my case and when I was on the verge of giving up, one man and his amazing team took on my case…
-C. Underdue
My Attorney, Steve Goldman, was fast, effective, professional and courteous. Not only was my case settled quickly, but I received a larger amount than I had agreed to! Thank you so much!
-C. Howell – Atlanta, Ga.