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Is your family safe from a defective automobile air bag?

With so many cars being recalled over defective air bags during the last several years, how do you know for sure that your automobile doesn't have one of these problematic safety devices installed? The problem is, you don't know. Every other week, it seems like a new carmaker is announcing the recall of hundreds of thousands -- or millions -- of vehicles because the air bags inside them could cause more harm than good.

Can you guess what hidden dangers are lurking in Spam?

When American foodies and lovers of fine dining wax poetic about the various delicacies and delights that regularly tempt the palates of our countrymen, they don't usually laud the succulence of Spam. Nevertheless, Spam sandwiches and other recipes that include Spam as a primary ingredient are regularly enjoyed by Americans throughout the country. This is why, a recent health scare regarding Spam is so distressing. According to at least four dissatisfied customers, they found metal fragments in their Spam. Some of them even complained of suffering minor mouth injuries.

What are the most common types of motor vehicle defects?

Modern cars have so many complicated electrical components and computer systems, it's a miracle that vehicle manufacturers can build and design something that approaches reliability. Although they do build reliable automobiles, errors can and do occur during the design and manufacturing process that could lead to potentially deadly problems.

5 common causes of car accidents

A car accident can happen in an unlimited number of ways, but personal injury attorneys tend to see the same car accident scenarios over and over again. Unfortunately, even though many accident scenarios are avoidable, it seems that no amount of law enforcement -- and no amount of criminal punishments -- are enough to encourage some people to drive safely.

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