How do drivers fail to protect motorcyclists?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Motorcycles are among the most vulnerable on roadways. Unlike other vehicles, they have little protection between them and the road. Unlike bicyclists or pedestrians, they travel at the same speed as other motor vehicles. Both factors can lead to serious and deadly accidents. It is the responsibility of everyone on the road to keep motorcycles safe. 

Many motorists, though, drop the ball when it comes to watching out for motorcycles. RideApart explains that many of the causes of motorcycle accidents are due to the driver a vehicle not paying enough attention. 

Rear collisions 

When a vehicle runs into a motorcycle from behind, it is almost always completely the motorist’s fault. They were not paying attention in most cases and did not see the motorcycle in time to stop safely. 

Motorcycles, due to being lighter weight, do not need as much time as a large vehicle to stop. So, a driver following a motorcycle too closely may not have enough time to stop when the motorcycle stops. In some cases, the driver may not judge how fast the motorcycle will stop, thus not breaking soon enough to give her or himself enough time to slow down. 

Left turns 

One of the most common accidents with motorcycles and vehicles is a left-hand turn scenario. It is very common for vehicles turning left to not see a motorcycle driving straight at them. This type of accident may also happen if a driver fails to judge how fast a motorcycle is going and thinks she or he has time to make a turn safely. 

Cut-off situations 

Another visibility issue is a vehicle cutting off a motorcycle or merging into it. This usually stems from a driver not taking the time to properly check around his or her vehicle before moving. It can also result from a motorcycle being in the driver’s blind spot and the driver not checking his or her blind spot. 

Most motorcycle accidents are completely preventable if drivers stay alert and aware. It requires learning to share the roads with smaller vehicles to keep them safe.