The responsible party in an Uber accident

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Uber has become a popular method of transportation. As one of the most common rideshare companies, it provides riders a convenient transportation method. However, car accidents may happen, and you need to know who the responsible party is in those situations.

If you have been in an accident while in a rideshare vehicle, you need to understand what your next steps may be and the coverage you may receive after the accident.

The party held liable

Rideshare companies take responsibility for these accidents if the driver has an insurance policy that covers rideshare drivers. Uber has specific policies in place that vary depending on who caused the accident. If an accident has occurred, the plan stipulates that you receive coverage. As a rider in an accident with an Uber driver that was at fault, the driver holds the responsibility for the accident.

In the case of third-party accidents, Uber provides third-party liability up to $1,000,000 for accidents, if the Uber driver is at fault. If another driver hit the Uber driver, you may seek damages from the person responsible. It may be difficult to gain payment from the company in these situations since the driver is an independent contractor for Uber.

How to gain evidence for a case

In these cases, Uber requires proof of liability. You need to provide any material that supports your statement about the accident. Beneficial data may include a copy of the report from the police, eyewitness accounts and photographic evidence of damages.

How to seek compensation

Legal counsel may be the most useful option to make sure you receive the compensation you need. After an accident, you may require money for pain and suffering, income and medical bills, just to name a few issues. It is vital to understand how to move forward in these cases to ensure you receive the money owed to you.