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Can you receive workers’ compensation for a knee sprain?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

A sprain is not the most serious knee injury, but it can still impact your life in a number of ways. For example, a serious sprain will make it difficult, if not possible, to put weight on your leg.

A knee sprain is an injury to one or more of the four ligaments of the knee joint. These include:

  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)
  • Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL)
  • Medial collateral ligament (MCL)
  • Lateral collateral ligament (LCL)

A sprain is not as serious as a tear, so surgery is rarely required. Instead, treatment typically consists of plenty of rest, ice, compression and elevation.

How long does the healing process take?

Many factors impact the healing process, including the severity of the injury, location of the injury and your dedication to rehabilitation. For example, a grade 1 or 2 ligament sprain is likely to heal in two to four weeks with the proper treatment. However, if you have a more serious sprain, it could take four or more months to recover.

If you suffer any type of knee injury on the job, such as a sprain, take the following steps:

  • Seek immediate medical attention
  • Follow the treatment strategy outlined by your doctor
  • Share information on the incident and your injury with your employer
  • Collect information related to the accident
  • File a claim for workers’ compensation benefits

Workers’ compensation benefits will give you financial peace of mind as you recover. If your claim is denied, possibly because your employer is fighting it, learn more about the appeals process and the steps you can take to protect your legal rights.

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