Easy ways to stay safe when working in the rain

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

Working in the rain isn’t a lot of fun, but if your job requires it, you have no choice but to push on. Unfortunately, if you don’t adjust your approach, you increase the risk of being injured in an accident.

Here are three when working in the rain:

  • Slow down and take your time: Even if it means staying on the job site a bit longer, it’s better than risking your safety. Rain makes it difficult to move at your normal pace, so consciously slow yourself down to remain safe.
  • Wear the appropriate gear: Working in a t-shirt and jeans in a heavy rainstorm is a bad idea, as it’ll soon become waterlogged. Instead, opt for a raincoat and rain pants, along with the proper shoes and gloves. Also, you may need to wear eye protection, such as goggles, depending on the job.
  • Carefully select your tools: Using electrical tools in wet weather increases the likelihood of electrocution. Also, be careful when choosing hand tools, as those without a nonslip grip will be difficult to hang onto.

With the spring season in full swing, and summer on the way, you’re likely to find yourself working in the rain at some point.

Even if you follow these safety tips, you could still suffer a workplace injury. If this happens, administer first aid, seek treatment at a local hospital or doctor’s office and notify your employer as to what happened. Doing all of these things puts you in a better position to file for and receive workers’ compensation benefits.