3 mistakes to avoid after a car accident

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Not all car accidents in Georgia result in extensive property damage and injuries, but many of them do. If you are ever in a crash, some of the things you say and do could end up being used to discredit your personal/car accident claim

Many people do not know or understand how to act during a motor vehicle collision. Things often end up more complicated when there are injuries. Not knowing the proper steps to take can make it difficult for you to receive the financial benefits you may be entitled to. 

1. Admitting or assuming guilt 

There may be many things running through your mind at the time of the collision. You may even feel scared and out of sorts. Even if you believe you are the person responsible for the accident, do not admit fault, apologize or say anything that could shift the blame for the circumstances to you. Doing so could delay or cause an outright denial of your car or personal injury accident claim. 

2. Not alerting the proper authorities 

Many people settle minor fender benders without contacting law enforcement and insurance companies. While this can often be a convenience, it can make it harder for you to establish credibility and leave you vulnerable to the other driver(s) making false claims. Even if you initially think you feel fine, you should call the authorities while at the scene of the accident to establish documentation of the facts and pertinent information to substantiate your claim. 

3. Talking to the insurance company 

Be careful of what you say to your insurance agent. She or he will need a statement of events to determine whether to pay your claim. Insurers use many tactics to protect their interests, that includes denying claims and low-balling settlement offers. 

Things are often confusing and chaotic right after a car crash. Make a contingency plan for every possible outcome, and take measures to protect your best interests during recovery.