Road debris can cause an accident

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When driving, you never know what you’ll encounter on the road. For example, debris often has a way of making its way onto the roadways in and around the Atlanta region.

The best way to contend with debris is to keep your eyes on the road at all times. This way, you have as much time as possible to react to anything in your lane of travel.

Here are a few things to do if you find yourself traveling toward debris:

  • Consider if you can safely move out of your lane
  • If you’re unable to move to another lane, attempt to safely stop before striking it
  • If you’re unable to move or stop, minimize the impact by slowing down as much as possible

If you hit a piece of debris, here are a few things you should immediately do:

  • Move your car to safety
  • Get out of your car to inspect your vehicle (but only when it’s safe to do so)
  • Take photos of the damage
  • Call 911 to let them know what happened
  • Contact your insurance company to file a claim
  • Call for a tow truck if your vehicle is unsafe to drive

Unfortunately, there are times when road debris can cause a serious accident. For example, if a trucker loses their load, you could strike it head-on without much notice.

If this happens, it’s once again important to move to safety and call for help. In the event of damage to your vehicle and/or injury, look into your legal rights for holding the negligent driver responsible for causing the accident.