A motorcycle jacket could save your life

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Your motorcycle jacket isn’t just for style — it could also save your life. As cool and chic as you look in your leather, armored Harley Davidson jacket, that could be one the most important pieces of safety equipment you own, second to your motorcycle helmet. If you’re not fully convinced of just how vital your motorcycle jacket is, keep reading to explore its many benefits.

Year-round protection

In the summer months, many Georgia bikers are happy to ride without a jacket, letting the wind blow through their t-shirts. However, as soon as the weather begins to turn, you’ll be glad you have a warm jacket handy. Also, even when it’s hot outside, you should consider wearing a warm-weather jacket to protect you against a summer rainstorm and to keep your body safe in the event of a crash.

Even if you think it’s too hot for your warm-weather jacket, think again

You’ll be glad you have this protection if you lay your bike down. Sliding along the asphalt while wearing a t-shirt will rip up your skin, exposing bone, muscle and nerves. Your leather jacket will protect you from this. So will leather riding pants, for that matter, so you may want to consider wearing a pair of those as well.

Unfortunately, even the best motorcycle jacket in the world won’t protect you from all injuries in a crash. If you were hurt in a serious motorcycle accident because of a negligent or unlawful driver, you may want to investigate your legal rights and options. Depending on the facts surrounding your accident and injuries, you could have a viable cause of action to pursue justice and financial restitution in court.