Did your plastic surgery procedure go horribly wrong?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2018 | Medical Malpractice |

Many Atlanta residents decide to “get a little work done,” i.e., seek out a plastic surgeon for a little nip and tuck or other cosmetic procedure to improve their looks or keep the years at bay a little longer. But few expect to have their procedures leave them in worse condition than before their surgeries, or even more serious, cause life-threatening problems.

One research study from 2016 reviewed 1,438 claims that were filed against plastic surgeons who were insured by the largest doctor-owned medical malpractice insurer in the United States, The Doctors Company. The claims were from January of 2007 through June of 2015, and included allegations relating to improperly performed surgeries, technical performance factors involving patients and problems communicating between the doctor and the patients or their family members. Often, there were multiple contributory factors involved.

The research also offered risk-reduction strategies that included better communication when taking patient histories and confirming that patients understood their discharge instructions. Additionally, patients were encouraged to be proactive in their own recoveries to ensure the desired results were achieved.

All that said, no amount of patient compliance can correct a plastic surgeon’s egregious errors. If you go under the knife and experience deleterious results due to your plastic surgeon’s negligent actions, you may have the right to pursue civil action. Filing a claim for damages against the physician’s malpractice insurance carrier is the first step toward resolving the dispute. If working with the insurance company fails to yield the expected results that you are seeking, you may need to turn to the Georgia civil court system to seek financial compensation for your injuries and other damages.

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