3 reasons to never take cash after a car accident

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The number of traffic fatalities appears to be on the rise in Georgia. The years 2016 and 2017 saw the highest number of roadway fatalities in over a decade, according to data from Georgia’s Department of Transportation

Fortunately, most accidents only result in minimal damage and minor injuries, if any at all. With such a small amount of damage, some drivers may attempt to sweep the incident under the rug by offering cash instead of getting insurance companies involved. Someone offering a few hundred dollars makes for a tantalizing offer, but you should always play it safe and follow standard procedure. 

1. Invisible damage

Repairing a dented bumper will cost a few hundred dollars on its own. However, if there is any damage you cannot see, then you could be looking at hundreds more or possibly even thousands in repair costs. If someone gives you money, you may soon learn you need a lot more to get your vehicle up and running again. You may not be able to get a hold of the other driver in the future. 

2. No money to rent a car

Your auto insurance provider does a lot more than pay to get your car fixed. It can provide additional funds you need until your car is fully operational again. This includes money to use a rental car for the time being. The other driver may only offer cash to cover repair costs without considering this. 

3. Hidden injuries

You also need to think about your own well-being following a collision. After traumatic events, your adrenaline is off the charts. You may not realize you need to see a doctor until hours or days after the incident. At that point, you may not be able to get your insurance provider to pay for any medical costs because there is no evidence that the car crash actually occurred. No matter what kind of sob story the other driver gives you, you need to think about your own personal health. Contact the police and call your insurance agency after a car accident.