Spring break injuries can result in premises liability claims

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2017 | Premises Liability |

Spring breakers are winding down their celebrations at popular vacation spots all over the southern United States, including Atlanta. For most, the worst they will suffer is a sunburn and a hangover.

But for some unlucky spring breakers, the damage may be far more extensive — maybe even permanent. Do these injured students have any recourse for their injuries and other damages?

It’s possible that they do. Each scenario is unique, and all depends on the circumstances surrounding the student’s injuries.

For instance, did the incident that resulted in injuries occur at a sponsored event, party or official outing in a specified venue? The club or promoter could bear liability if they were negligent in some manner, such as failing to properly maintain the property or provide adequate security to keep attendees safe.

If the injuries happened at a house party that was more loosely organized, the owner of the home may have the ultimate responsibility, especially if underage drinking was going on.

If you are injured while partying on spring break, your first concern is to seek the medical treatment, rehabilitation and therapies that you need in order to heal and restore yourself to your pre-injury condition. Of course, medical bills — even with insurance — can be costly.

To bring forth a successful premises liability case, it is imperative that the victim be aware of his or her legal rights. As often the injured spring breakers are from another state, this is best accomplished by seeking the guidance and advice of an Atlanta premises liability attorney who understands the law and litigates these types of cases.

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