4 common causes of motorcycle accidents

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Any type of collision is an unfortunate and potentially catastrophic event, but motorcycle accidents are especially likely to cause serious injuries and fatalities. According to 2014 data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcyclists died 27 times more often than drivers of other vehicles. If you are a motorcyclist, it is necessary to learn about the common causes of motorcycle crashes and how to stay safe.

1. Head-on collisions

In accidents where cars and motorcycles result in fatalities, head-on collisions are the leading cause. Cars crashing into motorcycles from the rear occur quite rarely. When a motorcycle collides head-on with a car, it often results in fatal consequences for the motorcyclist.

2. Lane splitting

All motorcyclists know it is fun to ride, but many maneuvers are dangerous. Resist the temptation of lane splitting in traffic jams. Riding between two lanes of traffic might feel exhilarating, but there are several risk factors that cause accidents, including:

  • Reduced space to react.
  • Proximity of other vehicles to your motorcycle.
  • Drivers have no anticipation or time to react.

Ensure drivers can see you and that everyone has time and space to react to one another.

3. Road hazards

Motorcyclists must anticipate and adjust to road hazards and driving conditions. Motorcycles are far less stable than cars and are more susceptible to damage or loss of control. Even the smallest of hazards can cause serious consequences. Potholes, slick pavement and uneven lanes can cause a loss of traction or sudden swerving that sends you spiraling out of control. Staying focused, alert and familiar with the roads you are on will help you avoid hazardous conditions.

4. Powerful motorcycles

While riding a high-performance machine might be fun, these motorcycles cause far more accidents than other motorcycles. If you ride a super-sport or sport motorcycle, exercise extra caution. Riding responsibly is always important, but especially if your machine is powerful and more prone to loss of control.

Nobody wants to get in an accident. Property damage, repairs, injuries, medical expenses and fatalities are all possibilities. If you keep the common causes of motorcycle accidents in mind and partake in necessary safety measures, the road will be a safer place for you. Unfortunately, even when you wear safety gear, follow traffic laws and stay alert, accidents still happen. Other drivers can be negligent and cause serious problems. If you have sustained an injury from a motorcycle accident, consult with a personal injury attorney to know your options.