Motorcycle safety tips

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Whether you go on a weeklong road trip or quick weekends cruise, riding your motorcycle with safety in mind is crucial to preventing accidents. Taking certain precautionary steps is sure to help you stay protected and reduce your chances of getting into a collision. You can go above and beyond following laws and traffic rules. Making your motorcycle more visible and staying alert is easy.

Increase visibility

Motorcycles are tiny compared to passenger and commercial vehicles. It is easy to get stuck in a blind spot of a driver who is not paying attention. You can combat this problem by making yourself more visible through the following techniques:

  • Attach reflective tape to your motorcycle or clothing.
  • Tap your breaks for tailgaters or distracted drivers behind you.
  • Wear visible safety gear with bright and distinctive colors.

Do not be afraid to get a DOT-compliant helmet that has highly visible features, such as a Mohawk.

Ride safely and defensively

You cannot control what other drivers do on the road, but you can practice certain techniques to protect yourself. This does not mean you have to ride slowly, but you should be cautionary at all times. Avoid all manner of distraction, including mobile phones even with hands-free technology. Make sure you check your mirrors frequently and pay attention to all your surroundings instead of staring at the road directly in front of you.

Avoid riding while drowsy

Fatigue is a major contributing factor to motor vehicle and motorcycle accidents. While most riders to avoid drugs and alcohol, drowsiness is often overlooked as a serious risk. Take steps to reduce fatigue before you ride, especially before multi-day trips. Getting adequate rest and using a windshield to reduce wind blast are two easy things you can do to stop yourself from getting dangerously tired while riding.

Prepare for each ride

While it may feel monotonous and useless, checking certain functions of your bike before every ride is important to ensure your safety. Inspect your tire pressure, signs of leaks, light functions and adjust your mirrors once you are on your bike. Making sure everything is in working order is a great precautionary step to riding safely.

Unfortunately, no matter how much effort you put into making yourself visible and safe, accidents still occur. The negligence of motorists can result in a damaged motorcycle, personal injuries and even fatalities. If you or a loved one is involved in a motorcycle accident, contact an attorney to represent your interests.