A Sample Of Our Settlements And Verdicts

April, 2018
Settlement $350,000.00
Pregnant client in a three car wreck

March, 2018
Settlement $300,000.00
Knee injury from failure to yield wreck

March, 2018
Settlement $100,000.00
Failure to yield; insurance limits

January, 2018
Settlement $150,000.00
Motorcycle wreck, more than insurance limits

November, 2017
Settlement $100,000.00
stop sign rollover; insurance limits

February, 2017
Settlement $90,000.00
Wreck with driver running a red light

August, 2016
Settlement $600,000.00
Pedestrian hit by car

August, 2016
Settlement $185,000.00
Negligence in a nursing home caused fall

February, 2016
Settlement $218,404.25
Wreck on I-285

January, 2016
Settlement $350,000.00
Homeowners claim, worker fell off roof

August, 2015
Settlement $100,000.00
Failure to yield; Insurance limits

June, 2015
Settlement $111,700.00
Student suffered chemical injury in class

March, 2015
Settlement $250,000.00
Wreck with tractor trailer truck

January, 2015
Settlement $125,000.00
Rear end wreck on I-75/85

January, 2015
Settlement $120,000.00
Other car failed to yield exiting parking lot

December, 2014
Settlement $250,000.00
Pedestrian hit by truck at truck stop

May, 2014
Settlement $200,000.00
15 yr. old killed on bicycle; insurance limits

November, 2013
Verdict $4,872,000.00
Shooting death of tow truck driver

September, 2013
Settlement $360,000.00
Automobile collision resulting in rib and clavicle fractures, concussion, rotator cuff tear

June, 2013
Settlement $675,000.00
Neck injury from wreck with tractor trailer truck

March, 2013
Verdict $239,239.80
Fall on Marta Bus. Shoulder surgery

July, 2012
Settlement $100,000.00
Highway wreck, injured small finger and aggravation of prior back pain

December, 2011
Settlement $325,000.00
Neck injury from wreck with tractor trailer truck

November, 2011
Settlement $200,000.00
Rearended by truck. Aggravation of previous back injury

March, 2011
Settlement $550,000.00
Child killed by car while attempting cross the street (insurance policy limits).