A Financial Recovery For Paralysis Should Reflect The Tragic Nature Of Your Injury

Georgia accident injuries that result in paralysis cause victims and their families financial and emotional stress. The pain and suffering endured by victims can cause upheaval in previously peaceful homes and the financial strain can push families past the breaking point. When such accidents are caused by another person's negligence or willful act, victims have a good chance of recovering a full settlement when a Georgia personal injury lawyer from The Goldman Firm is on the case. We give each case the personal attention it deserves.

An experienced Georgia paralysis injury lawyer from The Goldman Firm applies knowledge and experience when preparing a case for litigation. We ask the relevant questions, gather the evidence needed to prove damages and at-fault parties, and file your claim on your behalf, if negotiation/mediation fails.

We Have A Record Of Maximum Dollar Recoveries

Paralysis cases can be complex and proving damages in a Georgia court requires the expertise of a skilled Georgia injury lawyer who knows how to use evidence to full advantage. We anticipate the other side's approach and fully prepare ourselves for battle, drawing on a bank of professionals to debunk attempts to reduce financial, medical, and emotional damages. We stop the pressure tactics to get you to settle early and, while there is no way to undo the harm done to you, we strive to attain settlement or recovery that fully meets your losses.

When you hire an Atlanta accident injury attorney at The Goldman Firm, you know your claim will receive the attention required and that your attorney is dedicated to your interests, not high turnover for fast profit.

Paralysis, whether temporary or permanent, partial or full quadriplegia/paraplegia, has devastating consequences. Hire a Georgia trial lawyer who has decades of experience handling hundreds of cases involving paralysis from:

  • Motor vehicle accident: driver distraction, impairment, unsafe loads, and more.
  • Workplace accident: negligent co-workers, unsafe working conditions, faulty equipment.
  • Product liability: faulty car parts, defective toys, etc.
  • Spine, spinal cord Injury: botched surgery, birth injury, car accident, etc.
  • Neck injury: workplace, car accident, crime victim
  • Head injury: violent crime, sports accident, falling cargo, etc.
  • Medical malpractice: faulty medical equipment, impaired caregivers, nursing home abuse and more.

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If you have suffered paralysis caused by someone else's negligence, our highly qualified injury attorney protects your interests by seeking full recovery of your damages: medical bills, pain and suffering, housing/work accommodations for permanent disability, lost wages, and loss of enjoyment of life, including services you used to perform.

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