Protecting Your Interests When You Suffer Brain Damage

Closed head injuries can result in permanent brain damage, amnesia, facial paralysis and other drastic, life-altering consequences. At The Goldman Firm in Atlanta, Georgia, we protect the interests of people who have suffered head injuries. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.

The Importance Of Seeking Treatment Immediately

Seemingly minor incidents today can turn into major brain injuries later. If you have hit your head, become partially paralyzed or have any reason to suspect that you might have suffered a closed head injury or traumatic brain injury, you need to get tested early and often for potential damage and long-term consequences. To protect your health, it is essential that you seek treatment immediately. When you come to our offices, we'll help you obtain treatment before your legal claims are resolved.

The Importance Of Hiring A Lawyer Who Understands Brain Injuries

Hiring an attorney who understands closed head injuries may be every bit as important as hiring a doctor who understands brain injuries. Only with a thorough understanding of the potential consequences of such an injury can a lawyer effectively protect your interests and effectively advocate on your behalf. These injuries may seriously affect the rest of your life, and any fair and reasonable plan for compensation must take this into account. We understand these concerns, and we will fight to protect your interests.

Contact Us Today For Closed-Head And Brain Injuries

If you or someone you love has suffered from a closed head injury or other brain injury, we can effectively protect your interests. Contact us today through email or call us at 404-857-3505 to schedule a free initial consultation.