We Help People Harmed By Another's Negligence

While people refer to a car crash or some other event as an "accident," this is not usually the most accurate description. In most cases, a person or a business did not exercise proper levels of care. As a result of this negligence, someone is hurt, sometimes seriously. At their core, personal injury cases are about holding the negligent responsible for their actions. A personal injury attorney has a duty to his or her clients to take all steps within the law to hold the negligent responsible.

At The Goldman Firm, our Atlanta, Georgia, law firm does exactly this. Through our work ethic, skill and tenacity, we help people across the region recover appropriate compensation for their injuries.

Decades Of Experience Dealing With Insurance Companies

Steven Goldman has practiced law since 1986 and represented people in personal injury cases since 1987. Over this time, he has gained many insights on how insurance companies operate. It is largely understood that insurance companies will go to great lengths to limit payments to injured people. Less understood, however, is that insurance companies do not like to take cases to trial. Trials are uncertain, expensive and time consuming.

Therefore, when you have a lawyer on your side who regularly tries cases, the insurance companies will change their approach. These companies are more likely to treat your case, and you, seriously. Steven Goldman has tried many cases over his career, and will try many more cases in his career. This approach has led to successful results in and out of the courtroom.

Together with our experienced, caring staff, we welcome the opportunity to discuss how your injuries have changed your life. In your free consultation, Steven Goldman will be candid in discussing what can be done in your case.


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