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Memorial Day kicks off the 100 deadliest days for teens to drive

Memorial Day weekend marks the start of period which American Automobile Association (AAA) calls the "100 deadliest days" of the summer. It's during this timeframe, when teenage drivers are out of school for the summer, that they are most involved in car crashes. In fact, teens are 16 percent more likely to be involved in fatal accidents during this period than any other time of the year.

The many dangers of driving high

The last few years have seen an undeniable normalization of marijuana for both medical and recreation enjoyment. In some states, this normalization has coincided with legalization, and its advocates would have you believe that there have been no downsides. Research reveals, however, that there is a direct correlation between fatal car accidents and marijuana use after legalization. There are a few things you should know when it comes to the dangers of driving while high. Myths enable impaired driving Devoted marijuana advocates may claim that the substance grants them concentration that improves their driving skills. This is an often cited myth, in fact, that serves to enable driving while under the influence. In reality, marijuana contains THC, which can alter your perception and ultimately impair your driving abilities. It is important not to fall prey to falsehoods like this when it comes to driving safely.

4 common causes of motorcycle accidents

Any type of collision is an unfortunate and potentially catastrophic event, but motorcycle accidents are especially likely to cause serious injuries and fatalities. According to 2014 data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcyclists died 27 times more often than drivers of other vehicles. If you are a motorcyclist, it is necessary to learn about the common causes of motorcycle crashes and how to stay safe.

Motorcycle safety tips

Whether you go on a weeklong road trip or quick weekends cruise, riding your motorcycle with safety in mind is crucial to preventing accidents. Taking certain precautionary steps is sure to help you stay protected and reduce your chances of getting into a collision. You can go above and beyond following laws and traffic rules. Making your motorcycle more visible and staying alert is easy.

4 techniques for motorcycle riders to improve visibility

Even if you're the best motorcyclist in the world, you cannot ensure the mindfulness of motorists on the road. Riding a motorcycle can be risky, even though it is exciting and fun and if you are being a responsible rider. Taking proactive steps to ensure your safety includes making sure you're as visible as possible to drivers in their cars. If drivers don't notice you, it could easily result in a collision. Increase your visibility and make roads safer for everyone.

School bus safety a major concern in metro Atlanta

When parents put their children on the school bus in the morning, they expect them to arrive safely to their destination. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in metro Atlanta. Instead, school bus safety remains a major issue throughout the area.

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